Living Eggs has come to New Zealand!

Written By Carole Back

Living Eggs has come to New Zealand! The chickens have finally arrived! Our unique 10 day Chicken Hatching Program is now available for you to experience. We provide 10 eggs and all the equipment you need on a Monday, including  a free colourful wall poster. We’ve done all the planning for you (colourful, comprehensive A2 Planning Guide) so you can relax and enjoy the experience. We’ll set it up for you and explain what happens over the next 10 days. If you are very quiet on Tuesday afternoon, you can hear the little chickens chirping in their shells before they hatch.  They will hatch on the Wednesday over a 24 hour period and when they have fluffed up and are really bright eyed, you can move them a few at a time into their brooder box. By the following Monday, the children are able to handle them and they can be moved from room to room in their brooder box so all the school can enjoy the experience.  We have about 250 activities from Early Education right through to High School that you can access through a password on our website.  On the Friday week, we will collect the equipment and the chicks (unless you have good homes for them). We are happy to take them back as we rehome the little chickens on free range local farms.  If you want more information, call Jo on 021 038 5001, email her on or just check out our website where you can make a booking


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