Early Childhood

A delightful program to introduce pupils to the wonders of nature.

Not only do they experience life cycles and growth and development, the program encourages social interaction and promotes caring and nurturing skills.

The teachers’ resources support the program and provide many ideas to extend the children’s experience.

A colourful ‘Life Cycle’ wall poster is supplied to support the program.

Please see our Living EggsPlanner  and fundraising ideas.

PNEU Girls Preparatory School
Keithcot Farm Children’s Centre
Trinity Grammar School
Reynella East College
Irresistible Ideas for Play-based Learning

All children most excited and watched the chicks growth with enthusiasm – Great way to explain Life Cycle

The Jessie Brown Pre-Kindy

Children learnt a lot and were engaged and excited about the processes that were happening. Would highly recommend this Program to all

Stepping Stone, Hewett Child Care Centre
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