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Fun and easy do-it-yourself programs that enable everyone to see chicks actually hatching from their eggs.  Have a look at …  The Living Egg Story

Living Eggs is a very successful program which has been operating throughout Australia for 26 years. Schools and Care Homes love the program and re book year on year. The children in schools often record the Living Eggs experience as one of their major memories of primary school life. It touches everyone’s heart to see a chick hatching no matter how young or old!

For teachers using our program, there is a ‘Teachers’ Resource’ Section with hundreds of ready to use activities directly related to the National Curriculum and it is full of projects, fact sheets and heaps of information.

For those of you running Care Homes, click on the box above to see what we can do for you.

You can even make a booking online.

So, enjoy your trip around our site…

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